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Lemon Balm plant

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Lemon balm, a perennial plant with a sweet scent and lemony flavor, is medicinal, aromatic, and also has the power to scare away mosquitoes.

Lemon balm appears in the form of a bushy tuft, made up of numerous square, erect stems, measuring between 40 and 60 cm in all directions. Very fragrant, lemony, the dark green leaves are serrated and embossed.

If lemon balm prefers fresh, fertile, light, clayey, deep soil, it is capable of growing anywhere, in the sun or in partial shade. Install lemon balm on the border, in the herb garden, in the vegetable patch. It forms beautiful regular clumps, with foliage resembling that of mint... or that of nettles.

Lemon balm is recognised for its many medicinal properties. It helps treat, among other things, gastric and intestinal disorders, nervousness and sleep disorders…

Its lemony smell repels mosquitoes, aphids and flies. Near flowering plants (rose bushes) and fruit trees, it repels aphids. She enjoys the company of broccoli, cabbage and tomatoes.

For planting:

  • Make a hole four times the size of the root ball.
  • Soak the cup in a basin of water for 5 min.
  • Add a handful of compost to the soil, put some back in the hole.
  • Unpot the lemon balm, position the plant, fill in the caps, water and mulch.

Is lemon balm starting to turn yellow and fade? A drastic cut will give it a second youth. Cut the tufts back to ground level with pruning shears. In a few days, the new stems will appear, all fresh. Do not throw away cut branches. Put the most beautiful ones to dry, in bunches, upside down, in a ventilated, dark room. They will make delicious herbal teas or will perfume your cupboards.


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