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Batavia Lettuce plant

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Batavia has short roots and likes moist, fresh and well-drained soils. It fears soils that are too acidic or salty.

It appreciates partial shade, but the sun is preferable for the first seedlings.

Sowing directly to the ground: this process has the advantage of giving more vigorous plants, more resistant to diseases and grow quicker. However, it is necessary to weed regularly.

  • Prepare the soil by stirring it to a depth of 15 cm and removing any stones, roots and wood. Then level using a rake. Make shallow furrows and sow in them. Cover the seeds with 1 cm of fine soil. Water in fine drop to moisten the soil.
  • After approximately 4 to 5 weeks, when the seedlings have 4 or 5 leaves, thin out, leaving only the strongest plants every 25 to 30 cm.
  • Water abundantly and regularly.

Batavia lettuce is harvested when it is ripe, with a well-developed head. Cut without tearing, at the collar, using a knife, preferably in the morning. Don't wait for the seeds to bolt.

Tip : water after harvest, so that new shoots can form. You can thus obtain 2 or 3 harvests from the same plant.

Batavia needs water and fears drought. Water regularly to keep the soil always fresh.

Hoe the soil, which must be kept clean and aerated throughout the cultivation.

Put in place mulch to protect crops in the event of significant heat or to delay the appearance of weeds.


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