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Address: Road to Anse Maurice beach, Petit Canal, Guadeloupe
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We work to promote fresh produce directly from our farm.

Authentic and gourmet, L'Agri O Conso brings consumers closer to the producer to facilitate short circuit purchases: fresh, local produce and that's it!

We aim to bring to consumer produce of absolute freshness and remarkable taste to your plate, by offering you the opportunity to do your shopping online via an unique website. With us, you will love our tasty produce, and we obviously want our produce to be accessible to everyone, by offering it at a fair price.

In a few clicks, you will find everything you need to fill your basket: fruit, vegetables, potted plants, etc. Intense and sometimes new flavors await you.

-25 years of experience-

Our history : We believe in preserving the local farming experience In Grande Terre !

On the territory of Grande Terre for more than 25 years…

Son of a farmer, I started in my twentieth year farming. Spending hours in the fields and observing my mother working the land, reinforced my passion for agriculture.

To be a farmer is a real passion and a way of life that suits me. Farming is also a matter of will, an autonomous profession, and you are in control of your decisions.

The ambition through the L'Agri O Conso website is to develop the local economy as much as possible and to offer our customers a full range of tasty local products.

This website is the result of several years of hard work and the goal is to give you what nature shares so generously with us: the love that comes from the produce of our land.

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Local production
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Years of experience
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Our vision : produce for your well-being and not produce excessively.

work with nature

Nature is the main capital of our farm, so working with it is essential, therefore:

  • we maintain the fertility of our soils over the long term
  • we favor biodiversity and the diversity of our productions
  • we conserve natural resources.

Production quality

We develop the QUALITY and the TASTE of our productions by:

The values of L'agri O Conso is also the need to inform the consumer about our practices and the modus operandi of agriculture, because today, it must meet many challenges. Indeed, the planet has more and more inhabitants, and fewer farmers. It is therefore very important to succeed in producing better, while respecting the land, people and animals. 

Our objective

Give the opportunity to discover or Ddiscover the delicate tastes of our local produce, by offering you products that you may no longer be used to cooking and eating.

We want to facilitate the access to our tasty produce, so in accordance with your daily constraints, we have set up a delivery service!

First experience in agriculture
Our operation is above all a family affair. As the 2nd generation of a farming family, the state of mind has remained intact: to cultivate good products while respecting nature.
Chief Operating Officer after 7 yrs
Years of learning and hard work resulted in growning over time, a passion for the agricultural world and the desire to take over the reins of the family farm.
Farm Development
We are a growing company listening to the needs of the consumer. We offer our customers everyday, healthy and atypical products, at a fair price.
Birth of L'Agri O Conso
L'AGRI O CONSO is taking its first steps in the digital sector, with the ambition to facilitate "better eating habits" by offering fresh products full of flavors.

L'Agri O Conso : it is also a place for advice on farming techniques.

And many other advices….

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