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Avocado plant

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The avocado tree, in its natural environment, can reach ten meters and it will be easily identified by its trunk with cracked greyish barks.

Its fruit, the avocado, resembles a pear in shape. The avocado has cosmetic virtues, because applied to the scalp, this fruit hydrates it and helps both the regeneration of hair fibers. Contrary to rumors, the avocado pit is not edible!

With good exposure to the sun, the avocado tree prefers neutral, fertile, humid soils with a clay tendency. In pots, you will need a light substrate consisting of potting soil, garden soil and a little sand.

The avocado tree is very disease resistant. The avocado does not ripen on the tree but only once picked. It can therefore be picked and stored until ripe at room temperature, in a vegetable bin or in the refrigerator.


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