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Lime plant

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Spiny, highly branched, the sour lime (Lime) bears alternate, evergreen, leathery, oval, intense dark green leaves, with a discreetly scalloped edge. Their rustling is very aromatic.

Its abundant flowering appears all year round, in the leaf axils, with small starry white flowers, solitary or grouped in clusters, with little odor. The fruiting which follows flowering, will give these small, more or less rounded lemons not exceeding 5cm in diameter, with green, fine and smooth peel, well known for their particular juice and aroma.

Lime, low in calories, is an antioxidant, rich in vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and fiber.

Lime essential oil is extracted and used in cosmetics, perfumery and herbal medicine, particularly for its stimulating properties.

The lime needs alkaline or even slightly acidic soil, fresh and very well drained. Like all citrus fruits, limes need water: water regularly. Fungal diseases can also develop in cases of stagnant humidity.


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