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Flat Green Bean plant

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Belonging to the fabaceae family, also called legumes or papilionaceae, the green bean (phaseolus vulgaris) is an annual plant, whose habit can be either climbing or bushy.

Note that green beans are an important source of vitamins B2, B9 and C, important for our immune system, tissue regeneration and the production of red blood cells in particular. Not to mention vitamin K, essential for good blood clotting. The green bean is also rich in magnesium, iron and manganese, which makes it a complete vegetable that provides our body with many of the minerals it needs. Green beans are also rich in fibre, which is excellent for good digestion. Low in calories, green beans are ideal for anyone watching their diet.

Harvesting is done in a simple way, by hand. Like all “net” type beans, green beans are harvested 2 to 4 months after cultivation depending on the variety. Once mature, the green bean is picked every day or every 2 days: it will then be perfectly tender and stringless!

The green bean particularly appreciates drained and light soils. The location should be sunny.

Green beans being a climbing plant, it will be necessary to think about staking during the growth of the vegetable, to be put in place as soon as the first leaves appear, i.e. on average one week after planting the seeds.

Also be careful not to plant your green beans in the same spot two years in a row. Opting for a crop rotation will allow you to obtain a better yield. Avoid over-watering.

Remember to bring the soil to the foot of each plant as soon as they are about fifteen centimeters high and have several leaves. Use a hoe for this. This gesture will allow you to provide your green bean plants with better stability.


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