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Tomato plant

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This annual plant in our country can measure 1.50 to 2 meters and is grown almost everywhere up to 800 meters above sea level. This fruit comes in many shapes, sizes and colors.

The tomato (the fruit and the plant) is also used as a medicinal plant. The fruit is recognized for its laxative, diuretic and digestive properties. The leaves and stems are antifungal, anti-inflammatory and insecticidal. This fruit is rich in vitamins A, C and E, mineral salts, antioxidants, carbohydrates and beta-carotene. It can also be used externally against sunburn.

This vegetable plant likes drained soils, rich in organic and fresh elements. It cannot tolerate rainy and cold weather which reduces production and promotes diseases. A tomato plant can fetch water from a depth of 20 meters, so it is often unnecessary to water it except just after planting and in the event of prolonged drought on sandy soils.

The smell of tomato leaves keeps wasps and mosquitoes away.


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