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Thyme plant

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Thyme is a creeping plant bearing small pale pink or white flowers. Thyme is rich in essential oils and is said to have many medicinal properties. Its slender, branched and tortuous stems, woody at the base, are furnished with small, narrow gray-green leaves, fragrant and persistent.

Thyme forms a genus of more than 300 different species of subshrubs. Some are creeping, others have an erect habit, the largest reaching 60 cm in height.

Thyme is very resistant. He needs sun. It thrives in light soils, dry, poor, rather alkaline and well drained. The ideal is a calcareous ground or a sloping rockery, exposed in full sun. Leave 30 cm between two plants and absolutely avoid places where water stagnates.

Thyme practically does not need care. Do not fertilize, thyme likes poor soil. Once established, thyme needs maintenance pruning to maintain its compact shape and encourage branching and the appearance of new leaves.

Thyme is ideal for eliminating bacteria and bad odors. Consider using it to keep harmful insects away from the vegetable garden. Indeed, aromatics have a repellent power on pests. Its flowers, very melliferae, on the other hand, attract bees and other pollinating insects.


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